TFN Tri camp race Team enjoy Foremark Triathlon at the weekend and take 2nd through to 7th place!

TFN Tri camp race Team enjoy Foremark Triathlon at the weekend and take 2nd through to 7th place!


“Last Sunday saw the TFN Tri camp race team assemble at the PMA events foremark hall sprint triathlon. The event is set in the grounds of…you’ve guessed it, foremark hall. The swim is indoors in a six lane 25m pool, the bike is a rolling blast around the south Derbyshire lanes and the run is a three lap multi terrain course with some interesting sections through the woods.The team put on a stellar performance filling the top ten with positions 2nd-7th all from the team. We are now looking forward to the new format team relays in August. Team members will also be racing at the European sprint champs, Dublin 70.3 and the Derby triathlon. Look out for the team in their tfn hoodies and tri suits”


Sam Parker

Race review by Dave Keasey


So I’m midweek through my ’19 days of racing/madness’ consisting of a 50 mile TT, Dambuster & Foremarke tri’s and 4 mile, 5 mile, 5k and 10k run races. Make or break (literally) time. One thing I’ve learnt from this is that turn up to a TT and I’ve got the weediest legs in sight, turn up to run race and I look like an Olympic powerlifter…


It was my first PMA race and was great fun, especially with another 6 team members starting to give a strong Tri Camp TFN presence. My legs actually worked alright -it was being a muppet in transition that cost time. Top tip-make sure you prepare and practise the 4th discipline. Don’t be the guy (me) fiddling with backward helmet straps in T1 and struggling with shoes in T2. I reckon it cost me best part of a minute. In a long course race this is fine but in a sprint it’s huge. Nonetheless, had a decent race and despite getting schooled by the other team lads, happy with the result. Even happier with the Sunday roast afterwards!


 Just 5k and 10k left this week, think my legs will need some Jens Voigt motivation beforehand i.e. shut up. 


Over and out,



The results


2nd Ashley Hurdman


3rd Ian Smith


4th Chris Joyce


5th Greg Cherry


6th Toby Fletcher


7th David Keasey

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